Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Palin Book Tour -- A Huge Hit

Sally Ryan for The New York Times

Barbara Stoutjesdyk posed next to Sarah Palin's bus on Wednesday in Grand Rapids, Mich., where 1,000 tickets for Ms. Palin's book signing went quickly.

Courtesy: New York Times

When tickets to see Sarah Palin in Michigan ran out, people drove to her appearance here, three hours away.

Thousands had lined up overnight, starting nearly 24 hours before she was to begin signing books, camping out in 39-degree weather for a moment with the woman many see as the great conservative hope, a role model, “one of us.”

They brought their sleeping bags, their children, homemade chocolate Cheerios bars, and balloons to twist into animal shapes and hats for the crowd. And they brought their anger — about bailouts, jobs and health care.

If Sarah Palin was the star attraction, Barack Obama was a constant presence in the clutches of conversation along the lines snaking to meet her.

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