Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hannah Kearney Wins the GOLD!!

It's a party four years in the making for the 23-year-old from New Hampshire, who slashed through the rain and down the moguls Saturday night -- a remarkable run that gave America its first gold medal of these Olympics and denied Jennifer Heil the honor of becoming the first Canadian to win gold on home turf.

"I know Canada hasn't won a gold medal on their home turf, but I have a feeling they'll do it these games," Kearney said. "But I'm pleased that I could stop that for now."

Heil came in as the favorite on paper -- winner of her last four World Cup events -- but this one really wasn't close. Kearney scored 26.63 points to win by .94 -- a wide margin in a sport often decided by tenths and hundredths.

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