Thursday, July 29, 2010

Q&A with Clark Hoyt -- Public Editor of New York Times

Clark Hoyt talked about his career in newspapers and the state of journalism. He recently finished a three-year stint as public editor of the New York Times. A public editor, sometimes called an ombudsman, is designed to be a representative for the newspaper's readers and a way for newspapers to examine their own practices. He was the newspaper's third public editor. Clark Hoyt has spent most of his career working for Knight-Ridder newspapers in Detroit and Wichita as well as Washington correspondent for the Miami Herald. During postings in Washington, D.C., he was bureau chief, national correspondent, and news editor. From 1993-99, he was vice president for news. When Knight-Ridder was sold in 2006, he became a consultant through the transition to the new owners, McClatchey. In 1973, he shared a Pulitzer Prize for national reporting for stories about vice presidential nominee Tom Eagleton's treatment for depression.

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